Senior Manager - Public Sector


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Digital is the future and the future is digital. Inspired by the possibilities technology presents, our client team creates and develops disruptive innovations and forward-looking business models.

Portfolio: Customer & Marketing

Market Offering: Customer Strategy & Applied Innovation

Job Description: Senior Manager  

Industry Specialization: Public Sector

As a Senior Manager in Customer Strategy & Applied Innovation, you will demonstrate and develop your capabilities in the following areas:

General consulting capabilities:

  • Defines how the engagement should impact broader business objectives and creates a team environment that builds accountability for and commitment to meeting engagement objectives
  • Leads projects and provide strategic direction across the account to deliver a superior client experience
  • Builds deep sector expertise and manages engagements across accounts within chosen industry/sector
  • Leads initiatives to develop and market intellectual capital in chosen sector
  • Manages and advances relationships with clients beyond immediate engagement needs and serves as a trusted advisor, setting aside personal agenda to strengthen interactions with clients
  • Takes control of challenging situations and diffuses escalated situations calmly by controlling own emotions and recognizing emotions in others
  • Participates and leads aspects of the proposal development process; assembles a pursuit team with the necessary skillset and knowledge needed to prepare sales materials
  • Adopt a global approach to networking, building eminence & assembling teams to best serve clients
  • Develops relationships with clients to support their transformation journey and can speak to the importance of change leadership to help their organization evolve
  • Leads teams to design solutions for clients that challenge conventional thinking and deliver on business objectives and translates digital trends for the client and internal teams; drives innovative solutions based on client’s desired functionality

Customer Strategy and Applied Innovation capabilities (deep experience required):

  1. Assesses how entities should respond to rapidly changing consumer behaviours and the proliferation of multichannel touchpoints
  2. Explores unmet consumer needs to inspire new breakthrough creations
  3. Reimagines services across multiple touchpoints to create economic value and meet customer needs
  4. Re-envisions how best to engage customers and create new experiences using agile methods
  5. Designs experiences that delight customers and drive top-line growth
  6. Identifies the most valuable customer journeys, assessing their impact on customer satisfaction, revenue growth and cost to serve
  7. Develops & implement strategies to drive customer acquisition, value, engagement, and loyalty
  8. Builds new & strengthen existing digital channels, implementing new or enhanced Omni-channel strategies
  9. Defines fit for purpose design and capture technological, experiential requirements to revamp the entire experience, bringing innovative services to life by mapping the underlying experiential, technological, and operational requirements
  10. Iterates and learns through rapid prototyping before delivering the product design, along with the commercial case and the market-entry platform to support a product launch
  11. Creates prototypes that deliver the full user experience, assessing and implementing data, analytics, and marketing-technology solutions
  12. Tests and refine with real customers building out systems to support improve customer journey
  13. Defines implications of existing operating-models, including roles, org. structures, and processes
  14. Uncovers the priority processes that create the biggest impact for customers and business
  15. Transforms processes and ensuring that they are fit for standardisation and automation
  16. Achieves scale by identifying synergies among technologies, systems, and data sets across journeys
  17. Defines IT architecture changes, ensuring that journeys are integrated into existing IT systems
  18. Cooperates with Digital Lab teams to rapidly build out IT component
  19. Ensures regulatory compliance and functionality of every new service or process
  20. Defines capability gaps and support team to build these capabilities in an agile fashion
  21. Deploys insights and methods of working out of the following areas: Block-chain, AI/Robotics, Digital Platforms, Digital Transformation, Agile, Data Analytics

Leadership Capabilities:

  • Acts as a role model, embracing & living our purpose and values, & recognizing others for the impact they make
  • Actively contributes to building the talent pipeline; creates a talent experience that attracts, develops and retains top talent and high performing teams
  • Creates opportunities to drive impact; anticipates client needs and delivers superior results by leveraging each person’s strengths to build high performing teams across businesses and borders
  • Builds deep relationships across a diverse network and uses a flexible influencing style to gain buy-in and drive impact
  • Translates broader strategy into a compelling team vision and goals; aligns the team and sets priorities to achieve objectives
  • Applies deep knowledge of disruptive trends and competitor activity to drive continuous improvement
  • Establishes a strong leadership brand and inspires followership through passion, integrity, and appreciation of others


  • 10+ years of relevant consulting or industry experience with focus on public sector (national, local, authority)
  • An advanced degree in the area of specialization
  • Business development experience and high comfort level meeting with and presenting to CxO and VP levels
  • Demonstrated strong expertise in customer experience, setting omni-channels citizen services, government shared services and defining public sector digital strategies
  • Strong understanding of disruptive technologies and its applications in public sector
  • Experience managing large, complex projects with 12+ resources within a consulting environment, with a vendor or within an external team
  • Experienced in public sector citizen front end challenges and concepts
  • Comfortable with selling and delivering one or more of the following programs: citizen experience strategy, authority experience transformations, customer operating model, marketing strategy, marketing propositions design, customer segmentations, channel transformation strategy, e-commerce strategy, innovation strategy and shared government services strategy.
  • A willingness to travel 80 - 100% of the time
  • Arabic language skills a plus