Conference satisfaction - How to Economize Money & Time

Conference held on December 13th 2016
At Berytech – Beirut

In front of an audience rich with HR Managers (90%) and CEOs of SMEs (10%), Victor Hallit from Net-Recrute and Roula Akl from HRCompete gave a detailed presentation about the limitations that face recruiters today, and they proposed innovative ideas to overcome these barriers and be more successful in recruitment.

The presenters discussed the current Recruitment Challenges and demonstrated that the success of social media is becoming a limitation to the recruiters since 80% of the candidates that are sourced by one company are approached by its competitors too. Also today, we are "hiring for work" - hiring for skills, capabilities, culture and potential, not just "filling a job”. Here the presenters dwelled on the rising need for hybrid skills.

However, the presenters did not stop at the assessment of the market but suggested new ideas to be creative in recruitment and more efficient on both time and money. The new approaches that were discussed took into account the company’s culture, readiness for agility and change in this digital era.

At the end, an interactive session of questions and answers took place.

Net-Recrute and HRCompete teams would like to thank our attendees for their valuable trust and constructive feedback. We are proud to communicate some figures as follows.


About Net-Recrute
International recruitment agency with 2 offices in Paris and Beirut. Net-Recrute is specialized in the IT sector and covers all roles from junior positions to C-levels.
About HRCompete
HR Consulting company working specifically with Startups and SMEs to support them on People related matters, from strategy to execution. HRCompete also provides Coaching and HR Training for the capability building of professionals within organizations.