5 Smart Approaches to Take When You're Asked to Name Your Salary

You’re interviewing for a pretty great gig, and things are going really well. Until, well, they ask you what seems like a trick question: How much money do you think you deserve?

While most of us have been at the negotiation table before, throwing a salary out there with no context is an entirely different playing field. On one hand, you want to ask for “one million dollars, please.” On the other hand, you know that’s wildly unrealistic. (Though, does it hurt to ask for something wildly unrealistic—since the number can only go down from there?)

It’s normal to be scared that you’re asking for too much (or, heaven forbid, too little). Luckily, a user on Quora had the same issue—and several other members came to the rescue. As always, we’re lucky to have the internet at our disposal.

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