HR Concept

The development of social networks and their use of the different recruiters becomes an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. In fact, studies show that 80% of the candidates you identify online are also identified by your competitors.

This rate also applies to candidates identified at job fairs.

On the other hand, all the companies we interviewed, from SME to large groups, talk about a significant extension of recruitment deadlines.

Loyal to our innovative positioning, Net-Recrute has developed a new concept allowing you to bypass the market recruitment difficulties and realize your recruitments while saving money and time.

The HR marketing actions we put at your disposal, for each company of different actions, allow you to optimize your internal strength (team and employer image) to reach and convince candidates to join you in record time. They also allow you to better retain your teams.

Sometimes we communicate certain HR marketing actions to you during interactive training sessions. Then, it is up to you to customize them and put them into action in your different structures.