Net-Recrute is the fruit of a hard working consultant team doubly experienced in recruitment and IT.

Our twofold experience enables us to:

Better understand your needs; our involvement in major IT projects preceding the creation of Net-Recrute allows us to distinguish your demand , qualify it, write it in a job description, put it in action in our head hunting strategy and especially identify the perfect candidate for your business.

Better assess the skills of our candidates; our understanding of their daily work and our understanding of their vocabulary and needs allow us to better assess their skills and identify ideal opportunities for all of them.

Our unique market positioning allows us to offer you an innovative and expandable offer constantly. Our offer allows us to ensure your recruitment within the most accessible time limit and conditions.

With our bicultural consultants, Net-Recrute is able to support you in your recruitment in France, the Gulf, the Middle East and Africa.

Since 2012, Net-Recrute stretched out its experience to a few hundred recruits in France, Gabon, Morocco, Lebanon, KSA and UAE.


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