Professionalism and size of the Net-Recrute network

Professionalism and the size of the Net-Recrute network make a good partner for the recruitment of both technical managerials profiles. My experience has been very positive with them !

Fadi B. - Pre-Sales Manager


Satisfaction, Responsiveness and Professionalism of Net-Recrute

In great difficulty to find suitable profile to fill a key position within our company , we do use the services of Net- Recrute society to support us in our approach.

The mission was entrusted to Net- Recrute March 10, 2014 and our new employee starts tomorrow Friday, April 4, 2014.

We are fully satisfied with the responsiveness and professionalism of our interlocutors that we well advised and above that offered us several candidates who all meet our criteria very special profile.

Dominique G. - President and CEO


Thanks for the time taken to better define my personality

I want to sincerely thank you for your professionalism but also for taking the time to better understand my personality in order to provide me with relevant employment opportunities leading to employment.

Cyril B. - Operations Manager

Rapid understanding

Rapid understanding of the needs and responsiveness

We were looking for a candidate with a rare specificity on the market. After two months of unsuccessful search internally, we have appealed to the Net- Recrute firm that got us the profile sought in two weeks!

The consultant was quickly apprehended and understood our needs and has demonstrated great responsiveness. This customized support was especially appreciated.

Katayoun P.- HR Development - Recruitment and Mobility